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About Me

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  Hey, it’s Susan here, proud owner of photos for life photography. Can’t wait to see you in person, with your boisterous boys, and gallant girls, or a newborn little bundle of joy.
  Photography has always been a passion of mine. Being a bubbly people person, I absolutely love the idea of capturing special moments, with clients who quickly become friends, and would often fantasize about opening a studio, and making a living from photography.
  However, life has many paths, and I ended up in retail, and doing quite well, which made it hard to change course.
  Eventually I felt a deep discontent growing within me, and nine months later out popped a camera, only kidding it was a college prospectus.


 As a wise man once said, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” Marc Anthony I believe.  So I followed my dream, and went back to college and got the qualifications required, and some additional expert tuition on the art of newborn photography (my favorite).  Next, I got a job in a top professional studio, to learn the ropes and perfect my craft. Then at last, I found the perfect little studio, and launched Photos For Life Photography. Now here I am at your service, to deliver all your photographic needs.

Taking photos of milestone moments, gives me immense satisfaction, and I consider it a privilege to be there to share a little bit of your joy. I like to imagine you through the years, and as a little old lady, or man still looking at my pictures and gaining pleasure.  It lights a little fire in my heart, and drives me to deliver photos of the highest standard.  Forget gold or jewels, we all know the real treasure is memories, and I’d love to help you create some marvelous ones. So if you like what you see contact me.

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