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Nursery Photography

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Recently, I’ve started a nursery school photography service, to deliver superior pictures, and service to nurseries in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, and throughout central Scotland.
  I see a lot of children, here at photos for life, and this has given me the experience necessary, to know how to get the best out of kids.
A lot of traditional nursery school photography, involves a get them in, get them out approach, and high prices to boot.
  I, aim to deliver, a fun, affordable more professional studio-like experience, to nurseries.

All the children are treated as the unique individuals that they are. Every effort is made, to create a relaxed fun environment, to coax out their little personality for the camera. I also ensure, to take a few different poses, to give parents a choice of images of their children. 

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See below, a selection of the type of images you could expect.

  Feel free, to contact me to book a Nursery photo shoot, or ask any other questions you may have, I’ll be more than happy to help.


After the nursery school photographer has visited you, I'll deliver order forms, with a selection of affordable packages. Leave them with you, for a week to ten days, before picking them up and sending them to the printers. It will generally be a couple of weeks after this, that I will deliver the completed order to you.

"Moments to treasure that will last forever"

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