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Newborn & Siblings


Newborn Photography

Congratulations, I hear you are expecting a little one soon (educated guess).I am a newborn photographer, and just love taking pictures of brand new tiny babies, here at Photos For Life Photography studio, in Kirkintilloch, on the outskirts of Glasgow.  Expect, a professional photographer, trained by an expert in newborn photography, to take your little one seamlessly through their first photo shoot.

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  Take a look at some of these beautiful baby pictures, then contact me and arrange a newborn photography photo shoot.

(This includes pictures of parents & siblings/family)
If you don’t love your pictures, I offer a complete re-shoot free of charge

*Original images will be deleted.


Contact    Newborn & Siblings

Yvonne Martin

Recently had our family pictures taken by Susan. I had anticipated this being a bit of a challenge given the newborn 9 day old baby, my 3 yr old daughter (little miss attitude) and a camera shy partner.. totally no need to worry! We were all put at ease remarkably quickly. Mostly we had no idea what kind of shots we would like or what would be best so Susan guided us as to some ideas and gave options for what would suit our 'style' best.  Other than the great service, the studio is easy to find with free parking round about. The studio itself is clean, warm and private. There are bathroom facilities and a wee kitchen which was great for warming and washing baby bottles.  Suffice to say we are pretty happy customers!

Yvonne Martin

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What to expect at a newborn photography photo shoot

Hi, New baby on way, OMG! Life will never be the same again. Preserving these milestone moments for eternity with a newborn photography session is getting ever more popular.Beautiful newborn images, that you will never tire of looking at, as the years pass and you become increasingly amazed that your child really was that tiny.  I am a fully trained newborn photographer, who loves nothing more than creating amazingly cute images for my clients, at an affordable price. Actually, I’d do it for free, but my accountant won’t let me ! Newborn babies, are best photographed between 5 and 14 days old, when they tend to be still all new, curled up, sleepy and easier to manipulate into those gorgeous positions.

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I'm sure you have a lot of questions

about my newborn photo shoots.

Below, I've compiled a little guide to help you.

I'm always happy to help, so feel free to contact me about anything else you want to know.


Newborn Photo Shoot Guide

Newborn Guide

Before your newborn baby photography photo shoot

Contact me, in advance, and book your newborn photography session in on a temporary date, which generally is on your due date. The sooner the better, as I only photograph a few newborns each week, and often get fully booked in advance, then after the big arrival, where possible, give me a call within the first 5 days, and we’ll set a solid date. Before your newborn session, we’ll have a discussion on different styles, props etc, to ensure we get you exactly the image you want.

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Photo ideas to think about to get those perfect pictures

Whether it‘s a boy, a girl or twins, I provide an extensive selection of newborn photography props, and backgrounds, clean and fresh outfits, and luxury blankets for you to choose from. However, feel free to bring some of your own. Look at the different styles, do you like it nice and simple, basket, crate, smooth blanket, furry, dark or light.
  I aim to please, and every effort will be made to cater to your vision of how your images will look. Don’t worry; you don’t have to decide right away, as I always give mothers nine months to think about it, before we require them to produce a baby.

Feeding the baby


Feeding the baby, before the newborn session, helps to ensure that baby will cooperate, and be nice and sleepy. A good time to do this is when you first arrive at the studio. My newborn photography photo shoots last around 2 to 4 hours, in my very warm studio.
  Well equipped, with everything you may need. A nice little kitchen, with fridge to store any milk or formula, hot water for tea or coffee with light snacks freely available, and a nice sofa to sit on and watch your little one's first photo shoot. 

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What to bring with you to your newborn photo shoot

Sometimes, accidents can happen, so I suggest you bring a change of clothes just in case, and of course, any accessory’s for the session.
Don’t forget your newest accessory !  

Prop choices for newborn photography session

I always make the baby the centre of attention, but I have an extensive choice of lovely baskets, blankets, hats, headbands, etc just to make the pictures extra special. If, you decide to bring your own props, then something with texture and colour works best. Family heirlooms are an excellent idea for newborn photography.
  While, time may not allow me to use them all, I can look through them, and decide which are the best options.


What to wear


I, suggest that parents should wear something simple, with a plain colour to keep the focus on the newborn, and avoid any crazy patterns. But hey, this is just a suggestion, it’s your photography session so if you like crazy patterns, knock yourself out!



I always make the newborn photo shoots as fun and relaxed as possible. Don’t worry about baby, as safety is paramount here at photos for life photography, and I will care for your newborn as if it were my own, and ensure baby is kept happy.  I always, allow plenty of time for a newborn photography photo shoot, so there will be no rush. The shoot will not start, till baby is 100% ready.

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Relational Shots


Relational type shots, with parents/siblings, are a lovely bonus and melt my heart to see. I make sure to get some beautiful images of baby, with parents and any other special guests, you may have brought along.  


After the newborn baby photography photo shoot

After the newborn photography session, I will arrange a convenient time for you to come into the studio, and view your images, choose your favorites and pick a package that suits you.

No matter how attached I become to your little bundle of joy, I allow you to take baby home, leaving me only tearful memories, and a payment to cheer me up.
  I’ll go through all of the images, and narrow them down to about 25-30 pictures, and lightly edit them just to get them perfect, this generally takes a week or two.
  Then depending on which package you’ve chosen, it usually takes a 2 to 4 weeks, to get your beautiful newborn photography pictures back from the printer. Once they arrive, I will waste no time in contacting you, as I know how much you will be looking forward to seeing your lovely newborn pictures.

  Next, enjoy one of the great experiences of a lifetime and remember sleep is vastly overrated!  


Newborn Photography Gallery

Newborn gallery

"Moments to treasure that will last forever"

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