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Cake Smash Photo Shoot

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I love super fun cake smash photo shoots, bring your little one into my Kirkintilloch studio near Glasgow for a 1st birthday surprise.

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Susan is so bubbly and cheery . Made us feel so welcome in the studio. Took the time to listen to what we wanted and get the shots we hoped for. She was fantastic with our 1 year old son. Also, our daughter has autism and adhd and Susan was brilliant with her, giving her little jobs to do to keep her entertained and didn’t even blink an eye when she became fidgety and started roaming around the studio. 
The shots we got were amazing! So many good suggestions and ideas that wewould never have thought of! Packages were good too, very reasonably priced for what you get in them. And a lovely experience of viewing them on the large projected screen with a cuppa! Again, we were given all the time we needed to go through them all, all the oh’s and ah’s of how cute they were and the difficult task of whittling them down to our favourites. We ended up just taking them all as they were just too good to let go.
So fantastic atmosphere, lovely setting, amazing photographer, and great prices. 
We will definitely be back Susan. Thank you for helping us capture and make some wonderful memories x

Nicola Campbell-Brisland

Cake smash info

Cake Smash Photo Shoot

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Why book a Cake Smash  photo shoot

There’s nothing better, than seeing your child’s eyes light up as you present them with their first birthday cake. Well, actually, now there is, seeing your child smashing a big slab of cake to smithereens, and watching the big smile across their face as they enjoy doing it. 

Book a cake smash photo shoot, with me and get a fantastic fun picture to treasure forever.

Before your Cake Smash photo shoot

  When you book a smash the cake photo shoot, we’ll go through some of the options for the photoshoot. Such as which colour of background you might like, and answer any questions you may have, and then set a date.  My photography studio, in Kirkintilloch near Glasgow, is fully equipped to capture cake smash images you’ll love. I'll provide a big cake, for your little one to destroy, and some outfits for you to choose from. ( Feel free to bring one of your own if you like )

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At the Cake Smash

Photo shoot

The cake smash photo shoot, will be in three parts, and last around an hour. First up, I take some nice fun respectable clean and tidy shots of baby. Second is the messy bit, where your baby causes havoc ( you’re probably used to that by now )  while I take pictures. CAKE SMASH TIME !  Next, is the splash time in our little tub, never one to miss an opportunity, I will take some more cute pictures here. And you’re done.


After the Cake Smash Photo Shoot

After your cake smash photo shoot, I will arrange a convenient time for you to come into the studio and view your cake smash images. Choose your favorites, and pick a package that suits you.  I’ll go through all of the images, and narrow them down to about 25-30 pictures, and lightly edit them just to get them perfect, this generally takes about a week or two.  Then, depending on which package you’ve chosen, it usually takes a 2 to 4 weeks to get the products back from the printer. Once they arrive, I’ll waste no time in contacting you, as I know how much you will be looking forward to seeing your lovely messy smash the cake photography pictures.

Feel free to contact me, to book a shoot, or ask any other questions you may have, we’ll be more than happy to help.  Thanks, for visiting the site and I hope to hear from you soon.


Health and safety Alert : If at any time, you are tempted to eat any of our mega delicious cake you do so at your own risk, due to its proximity to the floor. Be rest assured that when you’ve gone, if there are any edible bits of cake left I certainly won’t be having some with my tea.

Cake Smash Gallery

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Cake smash gallery
Cake Smash Girl 2-1001.jpg

"Moments to treasure that will last forever"

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